ClassicLine devices have 20 years of proven quality!

The 1030 MS is a perfect tool to make embossing simple.

The 1030 MS is able to provide both dark and light marking.

The 0924 RS is the entry level model in the ClassicLine range and is a good device for cleaning and polishing stainless steel Welds.

The programs are to be selected by a simple switch and are indicated by different colored LED´s.

The 1124 RS is perhaps best-selling cleaning device of all.

By simply operating one switch it is easy to chose between cleaning, polishing or embossing settings.

The unit automatically provides the correct voltage which is also shown in the Display.

The 1024 RS is the ultimate Classic device!

The 1024 RS was developed 20 years ago by the company founder, Michael Byhahn, and established the beginnings of Bymat GmbH.

The device is controlled by a switch and a variable adjustment of the voltage.

Due to the diversity of the 5 programs are nearly all areas of stainless steel processing are covered.

Similary, the 1024 RS already has the ability to show different languages on its Display, which is predecessor of the Display which is now used in the PremiumLine.

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